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Priority I Construction Services offers a variety of insulation solutions customizable to your needs. We offer fiberglass insulation, blown-in fiberglass wool insulation, Icynene® spray foam insulation, rigid foam board insulation, and more. We will provide a custom solution to your specific project needs for new construction and retrofit projects, in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

If you are a commercial customer with insulation, fireproofing, acoustical spray, or sound attenuation needs, we can meet your specifications.

Retrofit Insulation
Priority 1 Construction Services typically uses blown cellulose insulation in wall cavities. Priority 1 does not presently install injection foam insulation in finished wall or ceiling cavities.

One-inch holes are dulled through the plaster if the exterior walls are brick or aluminum siding.
The holes are drilled from the exterior if the house has wood or vinyl siding. An access hole is needed near the top of each stud cavity near the ceiling line and under the windows. The first coat of spackle will be applied to the holes if the work is done from the interior. One-inch wood plugs will be installed if the holes are drilled from the exterior.




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